Durability and Low Maintenance: A Comparison of Vinyl and Hardie Plank Fences

Vinyl fences are a low-maintenance option made of durable plastic that can mimic the look of wood. They are resistant to rot, insects, and fading, and can be easily cleaned with a hose. Hardie Plank fences, on the other hand, are made of fiber cement and are known for their durability and resistance to fire, rot, and termites. They can also be painted to match the color of your home. Both options offer the benefit of being long-lasting and low maintenance, but Hardie plank is considered more durable and fire-resistant.

Considering a vinyl fence for your Wilmington home?

Vinyl fences are known to be high-cost and modern fencing options for homeowners that need a certain aesthetic appeal for their home. The upfront price of a vinyl fence is relatively higher. If you opt for any add-ons like lattice effects and texturing, the price will go even higher.

However, there is more to vinyl fences than just its pricing, and you should be familiar with these features before you choose to invest in a vinyl fence for your Wilmington, Delaware property.

Maintenance and Repair

Typically, vinyl fences are easy to maintain. You do not have to stain or paint them as the surface does not scratch easily due to the durability of the material. Also, cleaning them is a breeze because vinyl is non-porous.

Basically, this means that water does not go inside the material. If your fence is dirty, you can just use your garden hose to spray it and make it as clean as new. Another benefit of a vinyl fence is that there are no splinters, which is a hazard posed by wooden fences.

Thus, if you have kids and pets at home, a vinyl fence is a safer alternative to wooden fences.

Depending on the conditions in your region and home, algae or mold may start to grow on the fence. However, you can clean it off with a hose and scrub the stubborn mold off with a solution of dish soap and water.

As for repairs, they tend to be trickier. Fortunately, you do not have to spend much money on repairs since vinyl is a sturdy material that does not get damaged easily. If one part of the vinyl fence breaks apart, you may have to replace the entire panel.


When it comes to design, all fence companies in Wilmington, Delaware will tell you that vinyl fences take the win. You can opt for anything from tall fences to spaced out designs, depending on your needs and preferences.

There are many ways to spice up and customize a vinyl fence too. For example, you can add a lattice to the fence to give it a slightly different aesthetic from a regular fence. Plus, you can put decorative post caps on the fence.

Some vinyl fences are designed in a way that they look like iron fences that have rounded and narrow slats. Generally, homeowners choose vinyl fences four to six feet tall. But these fences are available in shorter and taller sizes too.

When you work with a fence contractor Wilmington Delaware, make sure they check the local regulations about the height of the fence.

Great color choices

Vinyl fences also come in a variety of colors. Most of them are neutral colors such as brown, black, white, tan, and gray. However, some styles may seem bolder, such as red and blue.

If you prefer, you can also get textured vinyl that looks like another material, like natural wood.

Highly private

If you do not want anyone to look into your house, vinyl fences are the option for you. They are available in one-piece panels too that slide into place without leaving any spaces between panels – something common in wooden fences.

Therefore, vinyl fences are perfect for pool enclosures and backyards where you typically do not want anyone to look through the panels. Vinyl fences can even be up to eight feet tall, providing better privacy than most other fence types.

Lifetime warranty

Depending on the manufacturers and fencing contractors you have selected, a vinyl fence can last a lifetime. Most of them come with a long warranty, which means you can rest easy knowing you will not have to spend more money on your fence for years to come.

Vinyl fences typically hold up well against harsh weather. So, they do not require expensive maintenance either.

Interested in a Hardie plank fence for your Wilmington property?

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with Hardie Plank fences. Hardie Plank is a high-quality fiber cement siding that was originally made by the James Hardie Company. The name has stuck since then.

The material has been around since the 1980s and is used all across the country. Hardie Plank is highly durable, sturdy, and looks like wood. It is specifically designed to be safe against fire, cold temperatures, moisture, and pests.

So, it can hold up well against pretty much everything that affects a fence. More importantly, there are a number of style options for Hardie Plank fences. They can be painted any color of your choice and are readily available in different styles.

Benefits of Hardie plank fences

Hardie Plank fences have a number of distinguishing characteristics that make them useful as prime fencing material. Here are some of them:

High fire resistance

Some regions are more prone to fires due to high temperatures. Hardie Plank fences are highly fire-resistant, which means they provide better protection in areas with high temperatures where fires are a frequent occurrence.


Hardie Plank fences do look like wood, but they do not rot as easily as wood does. They can last for years without rotting. That makes maintenance easy and ensures you do not have to spend too much on replacing the rotten planks.


As mentioned previously, Hardie Plank fences have been designed to keep insects out. A common problem with wooden fences is that they get infested by insects. As a result, the wood is eaten or chipped away at that place.

Then, you would have to replace that section. On the other hand, Hardie Plank fences are highly insect-resistant since they have been designed to do so.


Hardie Plank fences are quite durable. Thus, they will last for decades. Another thing that makes them a better alternative to wood is that they do not have to be painted every few years. Wooden fences need to be painted every three to five years to restore their appearance.

Meanwhile, Hardie Plank does not need their extra maintenance.

High resale value

Homes with Hardie Plank fencing also tend to have a high resale value since the fence does a splendid job of attracting attention and giving the house a certain curb appeal.

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Hardie plank vs vinyl fence: which to choose in Wilmington?

Not all fences are built the same. While one may be more long-lasting, the other may have better fire or water resistance. So, which one do you choose? It all comes down to your requirements and the weather conditions in your region.

Sure enough, you would want your investment in a fence to yield good results. For that, you need to take your time in making the decision.

When it comes to choosing between Hardie Plank and vinyl fencing Wilmington Delaware, your decision should depend on a number of factors. Some of them are discussed below:


Both vinyl and Hardie Plank fences mimic the appearance of wood. However, the Hardie Plank fence would do a better job at that. The material has grooves and grains that resemble wood more than the smoother texture of vinyl.


Hardie Plank fences are more long-lasting as compared to vinyl fencing. Both materials are resistant to insects and rot as compared to normal wooden fencing. However, if you have to choose a fence based on the fluctuating weather conditions, Hardie Plank would be a better option since vinyl can shrink or deform due to climatic conditions.

The company offers a 30-year warranty for its product, which means the manufacturers are confident about the longevity of Hardie Plank. If you maintain the fence well, it can last a lifetime too. However, you may have to repaint it every 10 to 15 years.

Environmental impact

Although both these materials resemble wood, they are not as environment-friendly as wooden fences. However, if you compare the two, you will find the Hardie Plank fences to be more environment-friendly since fiber cement is more sustainable than vinyl. Meanwhile, vinyl takes longer to decompose and sits in the landfills for years.


Both vinyl and Hardie Plank could cost you time and money on maintaining it too, so base your decision on the level of maintenance you can afford.

Both materials are easy to maintain as you can just wash them with water to remove any dirt. Hardie Plank’s fiber cement requires sealing. You may also have to repaint it every once in a while. Apart from that, not much upkeep is required for the material.

On the other hand, vinyl does not have to be regularly maintained. For both fence types, replacements become a necessity if a part of the fence is breaking apart or has sustained irreversible damage.